Memory Regions

מגזין אמנות, , Elinor volnerman - Memory Regions

מגזין אמנות

Elinor Volnerman. she graduated with honors from the Minshar – Art school


Elinor volnerman - Memory Regions-2
Rented room. Elinor Volnerman


My works dealing with staged photography. this work of mine dealing with the relationship I have with my mother. I'm doing an initiated actions.

Elinor volnerman - Memory Regions-1
White sheet. Elinor Volnerman


I'm encourage the people I shoot, and that way revealing the complicated realty in which I live, the relationship I have with my mother, and my thoughts.

Elinor volnerman - Memory Regions-3
Wringer. Elinor Volnerman


I arrived to my mother's house, put the camera, and gave her the possibility to speaks with me and to asperse her fury, as usual. "leather wearing prostitute trousers", she aspersed.

The sentence etched in my brain, and became a lighted kiosks's sign, and assimilated between the advertisements that covers that sings at the kiosks, between Tel-Aviv's club's. the "sluts", some of them are my girls friend, positioned on my old car in a position that taken from posters I'm remember from my childhood.


Elinor volnerman - Memory Regions-4
Elinor Volnerman. The Sluts

I had this car ten years, Suzuki Blano 1996, 80,000 kilometers, the car that in the video my mother entreated me to sell. The marks on the car, of the ravages and time, are significant.

Elinor volnerman - Memory Regions-5
Private Space. Elinor Volnerman

I holded my girl friends hands, the "show girls", to go up on the car and destroy it with there bodies, completely. The video "Fire" made as a reaction to my mother's hard words. I shot her pointed her finger at me, as if she wanted to take my liberty away. I expanded, printed and framed this shot in a golden frame, and inflamed it when it was hangs in the back of Tel Aviv's view.


On the "home and chocolate" video, me and my mother were seating near the table, in the kitchen, and ate dinner while my mother reacted to every movement I've done in that dinner.

Elinor volnerman - Memory Regions-6
Capitalism and hedonism. Elinor Volnerman

On the shoot "Extractor", I put out all the things from the kitchen's closets , and left a few marks on the marble, as a metaphor of my mother's extraction of my flesh, by her hard words, and the religious coercion and the twisted desire have control over my life, and narrow my steps.

All her works were bought by 'Haaretz' collection

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