Rebels generation

Rebels generation-1

Is about all the underground Insurrections that very popular in the world this days mixd with the toughness and the beauty of a women.

Photographer: Hay Turjeman

Makeup: Roni Pivin Turjeman
Styling: Alina Peis
Hair Stylist: Meirav Azulay Brot
Models: Sofia Starikov & Naama Kadosh for Say Talent


Rebels generation-9


Rebels generation-8
Dress – sevenseventy, Jewelry – C&R


Rebels generation-7
Right:, Hat&Shirt – H&M, Trousers – forever21, Rings – C&R, Left: shirt – forever21, Trousers – zara



Rebels generation-6
Skirt & Shirt – Sevenseventy, Jewelry – C&R


Rebels generation-5
Left: skirt & shirt – sevenseventy, jewelry – C&R, Right: Tunic – Plazma, Top – fix, belt – Sevenseventy, jewelry – C&R



Rebels generation-4
Skirt- Sevenseventy



Rebels generation-3
Hat &Shirt – H&M, Trousers – forever21, Rings – C&R



Rebels generation-2
left: skirt & shirt – sevenseventy, jewelry – C&R, right, Tunic – Plazma, Top – fix, belt – sevenseventy, jewelry – C&R



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