Andrey Povarov

Andrey Povarov, Minshar

Andrey Povarov, 31, was born in Orsk, Russia. The interest in photography started at his early childhood, when he used to spend long hours helping his grandfather to develop photographs at the small improvised home lab.


 Andrey Povarov, Minshar-7
Photographer: Andrey Povarov


At the age of 14 Andrey moved to Israel, and joined a local photography class during high school. The hobby became a true passion, driving Andrey to the choice of a path in his life – becoming a photographer.


 Andrey Povarov, Minshar-8
Photographer: Andrey Povarov


He graduated with honors from the “Minshar" for Art school in Tel Aviv, and since then his works were presented in numerous group exhibitions in Israel.


 Andrey Povarov, Minshar-5
Photographer: Andrey Povarov


Andrey’s unique point of view allows him to present the simplest everyday objects from new angles, telling fresh and exciting stories. He is never afraid to dare and explore, creating surprising combinations with a gentle sense of harmony and balance.


 Andrey Povarov, Minshar-4
Photographer: Andrey Povarov


 Andrey Povarov, Minshar-3
Photographer: Andrey Povarov


 Andrey Povarov, Minshar-2
Photographer: Andrey Povarov


 Andrey Povarov, Minshar-1
Photographer: Andrey Povarov





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